What Can You Do? - Leadership SHIFT Tip

When I was writing my memoir, Shift, I struggled with its ending. Eventually, my editor shared, "Michael, it's a book - it needs to end." Sounding a little defensive, I replied, "Yes, I know, but I'm still living with it - it never ends for me." 

About four weeks ago, I tweaked one of my knees when I was, wait for it...stretching. Yes, that's right. I injured myself stretching. Lululemon had to revoke my membership card.  I was still living with my accident.  

The initial prognosis was so bleak that the voice in my head thought my cycling days were over. At a minimum, I was confident that I had to cancel my special, MS charity ride in Utah at the end of September. 

I wasn't happy. I needed a few P.B.R.s to make this shift. 

Well, today I got a little orthopedic spa treatment - lavender and essential oils included - and a hopeful prognosis that will put me in Utah. It won't be the ride I envisioned four weeks ago, but something is always better than nothing.  It's what I can do. 

And although the last few weeks have been challenging, it was a great reminder that we always have a choice in what we choose to see. We can focus on what we can't do and don't have or make a shift to see what we still have and can do. 

After all, when we are aware that we go where our eyes go, it helps us choose to be happy. Which is the exact way I ended Shift.

p.s., Oh, and this is crazy -  the charity ride I referenced supports the multiple sclerosis advocacy group, Can Do MS.  Hello, universe. 

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Have fun storming the castle! This is something we can all do.   




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