The Questions Your Doctor Should be Asking - Leadership SHIFT Tip

If you saw last Thursday's Shift Tip, you know that I spent some time with my doctors last week. Before every visit, I filled out a bunch of paperwork and answered questions about my health.  

There were the standard ones about weight and height and the laundry list of yes/no questions on everything from allergies to anxiety. 

Of course, my favorite question was there as well, Please list any past surgeries or procedures. I just smile at that one and leave it blank.  

These questions reminded me of a post in The Wall Street Journal by Dr. Marc Agronin, The One Question Doctors Should be Asking - but Never Do. 

And that questions is, What's your sense of purpose in life? 

He shares that a sense of purpose can improve our body's stress response, foster healthier behaviors, and affect physiologic risk factors for cardiovascular disease. But more than that, we simply feel better when we have purpose.  

Clearly, I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on T.V. - although some have told me that I look like Dr. Ehrlich on St. Elsewhere - so, instead of asking you about your purpose, I will delegate that to Dr. Agronin. He shares three questions that you may wish to P.B.R. on before getting busy being busy today.  

  1. What activities, pursuits and relationships give you the most pleasure and meaning

  2. What are your reasons for living?

  3. What do you want to accomplish or experience in the coming years?

The last one may be the easiest to answer. It's to have fun storming the castle, of course.  

See you on Thursday.