How to Have a Happy Birthday - Leadership SHIFT Tip

When I was 11, I had my birthday party at McDonald's and really wished for a mini motocross bike like the other boys in the neighborhood.

I got a 3-speed bike - I was the motor -  and it had a basket.

It wasn't cool, but it was practical given my paper route.  

This year I wish for something cooler. 

Today is my 51st birthday, and pulling a page from Seth, I'm hoping that instead of sending me birthday messages, folks will give their birthday tocharity:water (read how to do so below). 

Over the last 51 years, I've discovered a lot - like it's probably best to avoid Mickey D's and a few others such as...

All events are neutral until we label them; sometimes an 83 is better than a 100; setbacks are the best growth opportunities; scars make you beautiful; this too shall pass; how you do anything is how you do everything; pause, breathe, and reflect; most incentive compensation plans are broken; doing comes from being; bravado is a mask that protects the insecure; the honey badger is correct; power with > power over; action follows awareness and acceptance; compassion always trumps fear; what got you here, won't get you there; keep pedaling; we should have bought Amazon; let it go; when we know better, we do better; judgment is accountability's kryptonite; it's not about you; we go where our eyes go; lead with empathy and civility; the great speeches in history didn't have powerpoint; darkness helps you appreciate the light; you are not responsible for your first thought but you are for your second thought and first action; you can't be a critic and creator at the same time; pause, breathe, and reflect; you are not a jackass whisper; when you are being watched, even prune juice doesn't help; gratitude; all your stuff won't make you happy; prioritize; get off you phone; listen; enjoy the silence; gender parity and being a manbassador should be no-brainers; move; energy attracts like energy; post traumatic workshop disorder sucks; everything needs to get done but you don't need to do it yourself; you get successful by saying yes to things and you stay there by saying no to things; don't let the start stop you; writing a book is easier than promoting it; pause, breathe, and reflect; culture is defined by who gets hired, fired, promoted and what people say outside your meetings - it's not on some plaque; life is a game we play not something we win; when the going gets tough, the tough get going; kindness never goes out of style; everything happens through conversation; if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together; there are always options, and number #51 is...

Well, you can discover it by watching this week's video Shift Tip.

So how can you give your birthday to charity:water? It's simple: just go HEREand sign up to donate your birthday. It doesn't cost you a thing, and on your birthday instead of folks giving you a gift card or stuff that you don't need, they will make a contribution in your name and donate their birthday to charity:water. 

Then their peeps will do the same. Drop by drop, ripple by ripple, the world changes and that is so much cooler than a 3-speed bike.    

Oh, one last thing, if you sign up and give your birthday today, you will have a chance to win a membership into our Pace Line Academy - It's the Blue Apron for your career and life.  

The Pace Line Academy donates 10% of everyone's membership to Charity:Water and World Bicycle Relief. So as members nurture their careers, they are providing nourishment to others. 

Have fun storming the castle. I hear that they have the birthday cake there. 

See you on Monday. 


p.s., If you also wish to donate to charity:water you can HERE. Thanks.