Jump In - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Several years ago we hosted a Fresh Air Fund child for the summer. Kiara lived in the Bronx and wanted to come to suburban New Jersey - proving that everything, including fresh air, is relative. 

The hook in our profile that caught her attention was our access to a town pool. She told us that she loved to swim.  

So off to the pool we went...

My oldest and her ran, sorry walked, to the other end of the pool and the diving board. She nervously inched herself to the edge of the board, looked down, and jumped in. 

She sank to the bottom like a stone...It turns out; she didn't know how to swim. Luckily, the lifeguards dove into action to save her and the day. 

And we signed her up for some swim lessons.   

When we are young, we routinely jump in even if we are not ready.  

But as we practice this thing called adulting, we hesitate to leap into a new approach, relationship, job, project, or development opportunity.  

It's a scary feeling knowing that we have something lose if we don't make the right choice.  And we think that we know better because we have a ton of stories about those who unwisely jumped in before conditions were perfect. 

So we play it safe as we sacrifice our next level for the same level and end up doing things as we have always done them.  We coast and rationalize that everything is all good as the status quo and our inner critic win the day.  

But if you want to create a better tomorrow, sometimes you need to jump right in. Yes, it's scary, but you also have the wisdom to know that everything is figureoutable and you can learn how to swim.   

This week in our video Shift Tip discover what makes jumping in a bit easier and how some are jumping into every day and defining how someone can live with multiple sclerosis. 

Have fun storming the castle! 

p.s., This week's Shift Tip was spark by two of our peloton members, Meg and Tyler, who inspired me to jump right in and not cancel my trip to Utah.