How are you Spending Your Attention? - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Each day starts with one question, What's on the to-do list? Or framed differently, How do I want to spend my attention? 

This month in The Pace Line Academy the focus is, well, focus and staying present in the moment. 

One way could be found in this month's book, How to Break Up with Your Phone. 

But of course, we don't want to be a bad breaker-upper. We do hope to remain friends with our phones. 

In the book, the author, Christine Price, shares that our lives are what we pay attention to. After reading this section, it brought me back to an "I'm calling you out Dad" question that my youngest daughter asked me a little more than four years ago.  

You can discover her question and another one that can help you create a better tomorrow by watching this week's video Shift Tip

Have an excellent Peloton weekend and, of course, fun storming the castle!


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