I'm Rednecker than You!

At an early age, I was introduced to Johnny Cash and shows like Hee Haw and Donny and Marie Osmond - which could explain my appreciation for country music and colorful dress socks.

Today, I'm still a little bit country, but tilt 1st Wave and Rock 'n Roll. However, my oldest is 97% country and as we drove to the airport yesterday - it was an emotional day - for her study abroad program she was in control of the radio.

And we heard some classics including an interesting song about a comparison. This week's Shift Tip Video is all about the one comparison that matters most and it has nothing to do with who's the biggest rednecker.

After you watch, let me know your thoughts about how you deal with comparison-itis at work or in life.

And until next week, have fun storming the castle Y'all.


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