3 Keys to Make Change Stick

Are you working on your New Year's resolutions? Pish-posh many will say.

Did you know that 85% of resolutions fail? Why even start many will say.  

The many will stand outside the arena as you stand in it because you know that "we miss 100% of the shots we don't take" as the great Wayne Gretzky once said. Change? You say, bring it on. 

Yes, we can re-label resolutions as intentions or come up with new words for change like disruption or innovation, but that won't alter reality. Whatever we call it, change is hard. 

And sometimes it even sucks whether you start on January 1st or July 12th. 

But that doesn't stop you because you know that on the other side of your hard moments there's that "oh, yeah, we just did it, high-five, fist bump, whoo-to-the-hoo" feeling you get when you honor your values.  

This week's video is about three things to help you keep pedaling toward the change you desire for your life and career regardless of when you start.  

Until next week, have fun storming the castle.  

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