Hamsters, Bees, and a B-Word

Years ago we partnered with a communication consultant who helped us weave our national sales meeting's theme through every presentation.

She was wise, confident, and a slayer of weak words, like “just” and “a little bit,” and heinous eye-chart slides that would diminish a presenter's significance.

Since those days, we added to her list and sparked some stiff corporate bingo battles during dull "please forgive the eye chart" slide presentations that developed after we stopped working with her.

This week's video is about hamsters, bees, and the B-Word that wasn't on her list but is common today as we fight our no-win battles of significance. And they’re not even close as fun as corporate bingo.

Let me know what comes to mind when you hear the word busy.

And until next week, have fun storming the castle.

p.s., For the 2nd year, Peloton Coaching and Consulting will be a corporate partner to the Healthcare Businesswoman's Association. As part of my sponsorship package, I received five memberships. If you work in healthcare and would like to receive one of my membership, please let me know. And guys, you can join as well. Do it for your daughters and sons.