Three Essential (Non) Hacks for Lasting Change and Mastery

One of my biggest surprises, as I started my entrepreneurial journey, was seeing the number of entrepreneurs trying to sell to other entrepreneurs the latest process that would make them relevant as fast as possible.

As a newbie or when you’re struggling, the offers are difficult to resist when you feel like you're just one puzzle piece away from having breakaway success.

“How to Reach 1500+ New Customers a Month (without spending a dime on paid advertising, and in just 30 minutes of work a day...even if you're starting with NO email list and NO platform)”

This sounds sweet. Who wouldn't want this???

From wellness to wealth and corporate to home offices, it's so tempting to chase the next "big" hack as you try to speed up your success, and, of course, there's always someone willing to offer something shiny and new to keep you occupied and them in business.

If you're lucky, your hack will work...but it may not last.

Many irresistible offers lack a few key essentials necessary for lasting change and a better tomorrow. They're not exotic, but, man, without them, you may have just another hack, and they're what some in the growth industry don't tell you about change as they sell you the next “secret” to success.

This week's video is about creating lasting change and I share a story from my last bad day recovery that may help you find mastery and create the life and career you desire.

Until next week, have fun storming the castle.


p.s., I recently heard the story of Banzo that I share this week (it was freaky - it a good way of course) when I was listening to Dr. John Berardi on Finding Mastery with Michael Gervais. Loved his take on wellness - Worth a listen. Just sayin'