Forget the Leftovers - Manage Your Energy

In a sport like cycling, your ability to tuck-up behind another cyclist is a vital skill to learn. Drafting is all about energy management because it's certainly not about the view.

Every pedal stroke "in the wind" and outside the draft takes more effort, and if you don't "keep your powder dry," you may not have enough mojo left when it matters most.

As a leader, at work (with and without authority) and in life (with yourself, family, and friends), your primary responsibility is to create a better tomorrow or in other words, make change happen.

This week's video is all about an essential skill to master if you want to create a brighter future for your peloton and avoid bringing home the type of leftovers that nobody wants.

Until next week, manage your energy. You will need it to have fun storming the castle.