It's Not a Girl Thing

I have a frequent surgery card from The Hospital for Special Surgery. I trust their expertise in orthopedic matters and when it comes to the operating room, I have a bias toward experienced surgeons.

But this isn't my only bias. I’m filled with them.

We are all a little biased - conscious or otherwise. Bias helps you quickly process what you don't know and can't see. It can protect you and make belonging possible.

The challenge comes when your bias keeps you from building a kaleidoscopic peloton, and instead of building a bridge you erect a wall. Without awareness, it can become the "rust in your trust."

There is hope. You can discover and understand which bias keeps you safe and prosperous and which ones hold you back from complete success.

This week's video starts with a 7th-grade Home-Ec bias story and provides a shift that can help you close a gap could be impacting your team. And closing it isn’t a girl thing to do.

Until next week, enjoy the game and have fun storming the castle.

Pats win 38 -34, but I may have an east coast bias.

p.s., If you are ready to become the wealthiest person you know, then the Pace Line Leadership Academy is for you. But full disclosure, it's little biased against corporate workshops that just leave you with post-traumatic workshop disorder. You can discover more HERE.