How to Feel Lighter...

Last week we saw comedian John Mulaney perform. He was hilarious - IMHO. During one of his bits, he referenced Marie Kondo and her "Does it bring you joy?" how to organize and live philosophy.

When we got home one of the first things I saw was my Chrome orange backpack which most certainly does bring me joy.

It's stuffed with wonderful emotions and memories from experiences in NYC to LA, Mt. Fuji to Mt. Haleakala, Mallorca to Milan, and even my bike commutes during my corporate executive days.

But several years ago tucked within its pockets were heavy emotions and thoughts from my last bad day. This week's video is about one trip that made my backpack lighter and gave me more energy to create a better tomorrow.

And the Shift can help you do the same.

Until next week, have fun storming the castle! It's easier with a lighter backpack.


p.s., To learn more about Eva, you can watch this video of her.