Addition through Subtraction

Location: Tenafly, NJ
Set: Dinner table, Sunday, March 3rd, 2019, 7:11 pm

Aaaand Action!

Grady: "What goes down at Mardi Gras?"
Me: "Nothing good. It's debauchery before Lent."
Grady: "When you were younger, what did you give up for Lent?"
Me: "Sweets mainly"
Grady: "Would you give up meat this year?" 
Note: Grady has been on a plant-based diet since she was nine. 

Me: "Why??? I haven't done Lent in years."
Grady: "You probably don't think you can."
Note: She knows how to play me like a fiddle

Me: "No, I can sooooo do it."
Grady: "Ok, you do that and I will give up sweets." 
Me: "Alrighttty then, let's go." 

And cut scene! 

Last week Grady asked me how it was going. I shared my frustration with a lack of choices when traveling and the gentle "that's weird" teasing from others. I told her that I'm recovering faster from my bike rides and have less stiffness and inflammation which is a blessing after what I've been through. And instead of mindlessly grabbing the same old, same old, I've slowed down and gained awareness. 

Sometimes the best addition is through subtraction. 

I'm not recommending that you turn to a plant-based diet, but perhaps you have an opportunity to let go of a "this is how I have always done it" something to create a better tomorrow. 

This week we are in Morocco visiting Elle, and I'm taking a social media holiday - hence no video this week. I'm using it as an opportunity to connect with the core of my peloton (i.e., fam), care for myself, and create something for you and our larger peloton that will help 1,000,000 people have their last bad day.  

You might not like kale, but I bet you can live without your same old scroll of Insta, FB, and LinkedIn for a week.  So I hope you will join me in #pausingmyscroll and grabbing a #pbr. 

And if you don't think you can, I can have Grady call you, but I'm warning you, she can be very convincing.  

Until the April 28th and our next Shift Tip, Happy Easter and Passover, and, of course, have fun storming the castle!