How to Gain Control of Your Day

A few days ago, I watched Brené Brown's new Netflix documentary: Call to Courage. In it, you discover that as soon as she wakes up and puts her feet on the ground, she states her daily intention to be courageous - makes sense given her work.  

How do you start your day? 

Do you hit the alarm and roll back over?

Do you turn on the news and start drinking your coffee? 

Do you immediately grab your phone and start checking email or social media? 

None of these choices are horrible, but sometimes small shifts can make the difference between a meh day and productive one that brings you joy.  

Several years ago I developed a morning ritual that includes a glass of water, mindfulness, movement, and the topic of this week's video Shift Tip (Sahara Desert style).

It will help you gain control of your day and avoid a meh or even a bad one.

Until next week, have fun storming the castle!