How to Bring More Joy to Your Relationships

I was in awe - and to this day, I tear up as I recall it- the first time that Elle and Grady were placed in Lynn's arms.

It's what true love looks like, I thought.

As they grew up, Lynn gave them chocolate and rain boots (Watch Sarah's video-it’s a good one) for those "days like this" your Momma tells you about. She also gave them the resilience to start again and explore the world with the beauty, curiosity, and wonder of a beginner's mind - just like when they first met and felt nothing but love and saw only possibilities.

There is a concept called Shoshin, Beginner's Mind, that comes from Zen Buddhism. It refers to the idea of letting go of your preconceptions and having an attitude of openness as you do when you see something for the first time.

It's the perfect shift when you believe that you have it all figured out or get stuck because it gives you the opportunity to see the world with a clear mind and through a fresh lens.

This week's video is all about love, joy, and how a beginner's mind helped turned this ad into the best one I've ever written.


Have fun storming the castle and Happy Mothers Day - although they shouldn't be limited to just one day - neither should celebrating anniversaries.

See you next week.