Your Greatest Mile

Happy Sunday!

Whether you're approaching a race or a business project, there are two miles which are critical - the first one and last one.

The first mile starts before the gun goes off and you get busy. It's your opportunity to "thrash early," as Seth Godin would say, on your strategy, priorities, tactics, and conquering the resistance that could stop you from taking that all-important first step. Your first mile is your compass and an opportunity to ask:

  • What is this for?

  • What does success look like?

  • Who can make decisions?

  • What could prevent our success?

The last mile starts after you cross the finish line. It's your opportunity to develop and reflect on what worked and what could've worked better. Your last mile is your mirror and an opportunity to ask:

  • What assumptions did we get right/wrong?

  • Would we do it again?

  • What will we carry forward to the next project?

  • How did it make an impact on others?

Last week I was reminded of a third mile that could be your greatest. It's the topic of this week's video and connects Trump and a traffic ticket with this guy named Chris Winfield. This third mile is your differentiator and an opportunity to ask the question:

  • Where do you need the most support?

Until next week, have fun storming the castle!