Aim, Fire, and Never Truly Ready

It's tempting to wait until the conditions are perfect before you start, raise your hand, or show yourself.

But waiting rarely works.

What works is pedaling in public, sharing your perspective, and breathing hard before it becomes easier.

What works is putting yourself out there before you are ready.

Embrace the value of aim, fire, and not truly ready because waiting to be ready suggests that you know that things are going to work, but that's more about hope than certainty.

If you want to create a better tomorrow and are wondering if you're ready, then you're probably prepared to take your first step. Everything after that step is an opportunity to learn something new and validates the notion that everything is figure-out-able.

This week's video is all about going forward before you're ready and celebrating the fifth anniversary of something that was born out of my Last Dad Day even though some thought I wasn’t ready - but we figured it out.

Have a great Memorial Day and, of course, have fun storming the castle! I'm going to swat some gnats (it will make sense after you watch the video).


P.S. Do you know a recent college grad or their boss, if so I published a new blog on Medium that might be valuable for them.

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If you know a recent college grad or their boss, here's a valuable post to help them start their careers on the right foot:

I wish I had this advice when I started my career. Here's something to share with your recent college grad

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