Are you in Alignment?

Back in 2012, we were getting ready to introduce a new therapy to support those who had difficulty feeling full and struggled with their wellness.

To help us "walk the talk," I asked the team to brainstorm on how we could approach our internal sales training, sales meetings, and account lunches differently to align our beliefs, words, and actions and not contribute to the problem we were trying to solve. (see below)

Because discussing how to achieve a healthy weight over pepperoni pizza, chocolate chip cookies, and a frappuccino didn't make sense then, and still doesn't today.

As a full company, we never achieved congruence, integrity, and trust, and, most importantly, the type of success that was needed.

Instead, we learned a valuable lesson that alignment requires difficult choices day in and day out, and without it, all you get is drama.

This week's video, with a little show and tell, is about all alignment and where you need it most if you want more energy and long-term success.

And until next week, have fun storming the castle.


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