Do you ever smile?

Last September I was in Utah doing a charity ride with the fine folks at Can Do MS. The morning was gorgeous as we set off to ride Arches National Park in Moab. I was over-the-moon because Arches was on my "Must Ride" list.

To get into the park, and close to the access point for the Delicate Arch, there's only one way to go, up (and for a long time).

When we got to the top, we had an amusing encounter with a bus driver who schelps tourists to the top multiple times a day.

This week's video is all about his funny little jab. It was a good reminder that somebody is always watching even when we think no one sees us.

'80's music fans can cue up Rockwell's, Somebody's Watching Me, now.

And before I encourage you to have fun storming the castle, I have some awesome-sauce news to share with you.

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How cool is that?

I promise it will be the most valuable dollar you spend today because of the juice that's inside My Last Bad Day Shift.

In it, you will discover practical ways to prevent bad moments from turning into bad days and new routines to help you manage your energy throughout your day.

Click below to pre-order your copy today, and please share the link with your peloton to help them have their last bad day, as well.

My Last Bad Day Shift print version will go on sale on July 11th to celebrate 18 years since my LBD. If you are interested in copies for your team, please let me know.

Have fun storming the castle and those in the States, Happy Independence (from Bad Days) Day!

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