To the Man Who Hit My Dad...

Today’s blog is from my oldest daughter. She wrote it in July 2017 and since we celebrated our Last Bad Day last week, I’m sharing it today with permission:

I hope that today isn’t just another day for you. I hope that today means something to you. Because as much as it is an anniversary for my dad and my family, it is also an anniversary for you.

Over the years, I’ve thought a lot about what I might say to you. Not that I ever expected to meet you, but if I did, what would I say. There are days when I know I could be forgiving, because I know it truly was an accident. Because I’ve heard my dad say, on multiple occasions, that if he had to do it over, he wouldn’t wish the accident away. Because I know that my dad rose the challenge after the accident. Because I really believe that my family is stronger because of it.

There are also days when I’m angry. When I think about how it could have all been avoided had you chosen to follow the rules and not driven with a revoked license. When I just want to whine about how I don’t think it’s fair that you faced essentially no consequences for your actions.

But expressing my anger or my frustration to you really wouldn’t do much. For either of us. I would still be angry and frustrated and, quite frankly, you probably expect it. Instead, as I have thought about what I might say to you, I realized I care more about what you might say to me. I know what I would hope you might say.

I hope you would tell me that your life changed that day. That today maybe you drive a bit more carefully. That maybe you think about my dad when you pass a cyclist on the road.

And really what I hope you would say is that you haven’t forgotten. And I hope you would tell me that you remember today. That you spend a moment today to think about what happened 16 years ago. You would spend a moment to think about my dad. I hope that you would tell me that today isn’t just another day. That today still means something to you too.

Have fun storming the castle!


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