Don't be Stuck on Band-Aids

Several years ago, after being frustrated with incentive and bonus programs that didn't deliver on their promises of meritocracy and motivation, I drummed up the courage to rip off the old way band-aids and created something new that recognized the "how" and "what" of performance. 

Along the way, I learned that people like progress, but some don't like change. Even with its flaws, some preferred the old way and loved their band-aids.

This week's video is about something that happened last week that reminded me of my daughters' band-aid obsession and how they hurt us from realizing a deeper level of success and happiness.  

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It's a better deal than what Jeff Bezos can offer and pure awesome-sauce.

Until next week, have fun storming the castle and when you get there, rip off that band-aid. You’ll be happy that you did.