Commit...You'll Figure it Out

Something incredible happens on the 1st weekend in August each year.

Motorists yield, wave, and thank cyclists for riding. Individuals and families line 192 miles from Sturbridge to P-Town, MA and encourage their two-wheeling friends to keep pedaling even though it feels wicked - as they say in Boston - hard to do so.

It's the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) with its beautiful rolling community of 6,000 cyclists and more volunteers. This weekend they raised over $60 million to slay cancer.

When we set forth to do something big, there's always a 1,000 excuses not to do it. PMC is no different. The ride is long - 192 miles. The fundraising, at $5,000, could be more challenging than the miles.

But one thing is certain, PMC isn't a gentle pedal through the park - nothing worth doing ever is.

We've all faced something challenging, but sometimes its bigness gets overwhelming. You get stuck on the how and don't know where to start. It can feel like the most straightforward path is to let the resistance win and move on to something else.

But whether you are slaying cancer or changing the world differently, there are a million reasons to pedal forward.

And they all start with one vital step.

This week's video is all about that one vital step and PMC's slogan, Commit, You'll Figure it Out. Plus three keys that can help you crush your next big thing and start a beautiful world-changing ripple.

Until next week, have fun storming the castle!

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