How Peloton Rolls

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.
— Albert Einstein

What are the rules to becoming your best at work and in life?

Well, this is how Peloton Coaching and Consulting rolls. I hope you will join me. It's a great ride. 

1. We have fun


I built Peloton to help people have fun at work. Yes, I believe this is possible when our work fuels us. It happens when we focus on becoming our best and creating better tomorrows. To quote Ben and Jerry, “If it’s not fun, why do it?

2. We focus on you

There is a role in the cycling peloton called a domestique. The domestique's focus is to help someone else win the race, and I'm honored to be your domestique. 

3. We are about the conversation

Conversations build our relationships. Sometimes they will be challenging. Sometimes they are thought provoking. They will always be focused on our success. They are the foundation of our all-in, trusted partnership. 

4. We trust

We trust you and know that we need to earn your trust.  No exceptions. 

5. We enjoy the struggle

If becoming your best was easy, then everyone would get there. If you want easy, then Peloton isn't for you.  

6. We love small steps

Every journey starts with one small step. It's the start of every transformation. 

7. We see your best

Good enough is never good enough when you have the ability to change lives. Staying in your comfort zone isn’t an option at Peloton.

8. We are always pedaling

You can't be your best if you coast. Success takes grit, resilience, and hard work or whatever you wish to call it. That's why we are always pedaling. 


9. We change the world

I believe that when we become our best at work and in life, we cascade of energy forward. As a result, we change possibilities, perspectives, and people. We change lives!

10. We are together

Motorcycle riders get tattoos, wear leather, and ride Harleys. Cyclists shave their legs, wear lycra, and ride bikes without motors. And Peloton Coaching and Consulting members follow these rules – this is how we roll.