LAUNCHING April 1st, 2018


The Pace Line by Peloton Coaching is membership program designed to help growth-minded sales and marketing professionals achieve complete success at work and in life.  

  • Do you have a strong desire to develop?

  • Do you wish you had a trusted and tested executive in your corner? 

  • Do you wish you had a strong, diverse network of like-minded professionals?

I can relate. Before I reached the director and executive levels, my development was all over the place. It lacked focus. Yes, I had some great bosses who took an interest in my growth, but I had many great leaders who were awesome at so much but struggled with developing others. 

The Pace Line provides you with growth and development opportunities and access to knowledge, tools, and advice to navigate today’s complex business world with experienced and trusted executive coach, mentor, and advisor.  

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By joining The Pace Line by Peloton Coaching, you can expect to: 

  • Gain the executive presence and confidence to influence your career growth
  • Understand how to achieve complete success in all aspect of your career and personal life.
  • Feel supported and encouraged by a network of like-minded professionals.
  • Enhance your ability to handle stress, anxiety, and the pressure to perform.
  • Learn new skills that will propel your career and advancement.



As a Peloton Pace Line Member, each month you will receive: 

  • Answers to your pressing challenges via A and Q sessions. 
  • Knowledge via 2, 60 minute development webinars per month on a variety of topics to help you achieve leadership, business, career and life success. 
  • Networking community of like-minded professionals via private membership site.
  • One personally selected business or leadership book to enhance your growth
  • Monthly priorities that focus on achieving complete success

Your Pace Line, Your Impact

When you invest in your development through The Pace Line, you are not only changing your life but the lives of others around the world. Because with every The Pace Line membership, you support two organizations, World Bicycle Relief and Charity Water who are developing others around the world.

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