WIN Podcast - Morning Rituals with Michael OBrien

re you a happiness chaser? oes the satisfaction of reaching another milestone, or purchasing another adget tay with you for a long time?  Are there etter ways of reating good life we all want?

y today's guest is Michael O'Brien. Michael is a Coach to Sales and Marketing Executives, Slayer of Negative Stories, TEDx Speaker, Best Selling author and Cyclist.

met Michael through Seth Godin's altMBA leadership training onnecting with him n our Wellness forum. His advice always helped to put things into perspective, and I wanted to learn more about him.

Almost 20 years ago Michael was in a cycling accident. The road to his recovery was ong and difficult.  everal years ago Michael shared the lessons he learned in his best selling book "Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows: Winning at Work and in Life." I finished Michael's emarkable story of resilience, perseverance and success in a day and a half. nd it inspired me more than you know.

n his conversation, we'll discuss why chasing happiness might not be serving you well, explore the true ingredients of ood life nd success and consider how morning rituals could help to reate a shift in your existence.


  1. ichael's journey to becoming an athlete, a cyclist and a marketing executive
  2. hy chasing happiness was not serving im well, and ow Michael began changing his priorities as a result
  3. What Michael's last bad day was and why getting a second chance was his greatest gift rom many different perspectives
  4. ctivities that became a core of Michael's morning ritual and why having one is crucial for a successful life
  5. ichael's secret sauce nd ways to create more of it in your own life too

    Listen to the episode here. 
michael obrien