Heart Healthy Hustle Podcast - Michael O’Brien: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

Michael O’Brien is the founder of Peloton Coaching & Consulting, and the author of “Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows“.
Before Michael’s Last Bad Day (i.e., when a white SUV hit him head-on while he was out training on his bike), he was a successful sales professional and marketing director. But he felt burdened by the same stress that you and your team feel every day. Michael shares, there were many days when Michael lacked the energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration to break down his work silos, ease the drama, and get closer to being his best.  His recovery from his near-death cycling experience was the catalyst to the seminal shift that changed his perspective, mindset, and actions. It put him on a different path to create better tomorrows at work and in life.

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