Shift Your Identity to Live the Life You're Meant For

Have you been following the script you learned when you were young?

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to hear a lot of yourself in Michael O'Brien's story.

I was taught to value the grind of hard work, and it took huge life events for each of us – which we talk about during our conversation – to shake things up in our lives for the better. And to stop living by the script that others have written for our lives.

You'll learn:

  • Why he has something called his “last bad day”

  • The reality of dealing with triggers

  • How to fight the busy battle

  • The fear of judgment

  • About Michael's experiences with the emotions we never talk about

  • How he works with corporate executive to address the emotions we don't talk about

  • How to reframe your day with rituals

  • The practical side of visualization (a la Lindsey Vonn)

  • Recovery and mindset

  • And more (of course)

Listen via this link: