Make Change Stick, Achieve Better Results

Michael will help your organization develop renewed energy to transition faster, executive better, and build empathy and trust through practical advice that team can implement right away.

After working with Michael, your audience will come away with a renewed energy to tackle your most significant challenges and practical advice that your organization can implement right away.

Michael is committed to helping audiences leave with more gratitude, perspective, and motivation so they can create a better tomorrow for themselves and their peloton.

4 (it's his favorite number) Reasons to Partner with Michael:

  1. In Trenches Expertise - Michael combines over 20 years of real-world corporate experience with his remarkable story of recovery. Audiences get Michael because Michael gets his audience.

  2. Emotion – Michael knows that emotions drive behavior. So be prepared to laugh, tear, and think as he shares his stories on how you can become your best.

  3. Relatable – Michael is the real. Audience members feel like he is speaking directly to him. He delivers a quick-witted, no corporate bs, a matter-of-fact keynote that will stay with your audience long after your meeting is over.

  4. Easy-Peasy, lemon-squeezy – As a corporate executive, Michael knows the challenges of your job. Therefore, he approaches every engagement in a low maintenance manner so you can focus on other aspects of your meeting.

So when was your Last Bad Day?

For Michael, it was July 11th, 2001.

He is lucky to be alive. On his Last Bad Day, he nearly lost his life when a speeding SUV hit him head-on during a bike training ride.

Since that day, he grew an impressive pharmaceutical executive corporate career in sales, marketing, and operations and now from Alcon Labs to Healthcare Businesswomen's Association to TEDx and stages in between, shares his practical, relatable advice to help business professionals move beyond their obstacles and achieve complete success.

His humorous, compassionate, and matter-of-fact approach offers an entertaining keynote with heart and soul that will drive performance.

Through his recovery, he stopped chasing happiness and realized the power of mindset, healthy communities, and resilience.

He has realized that with any challenge, it's not what happens to you, but instead how you respond to it.

He brings this experience to your organization, teaching the importance of 4 main things:

  1. Slaying self-doubt, worry, and our negative self-talk

  2. The power of mindfulness to solve today's challenges and transitions

  3. Building the resilience that is needed to achieve complete success

  4. Utilizing Conversational and Emotional Intelligence to build trust and community.

He credits his success to his resilience, humor, mindset, gratitude, the ability to create engaged teams, and his belief that everything is figure-out-able.

Click    here    to watch Michael’s TEDx Talk about Perspective: We Go Where Our Eyes Go

Click here to watch Michael’s TEDx Talk about Perspective: We Go Where Our Eyes Go

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