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My peloton isn’t about someone else’s definition of success, and it’s not about comparing yourself to some icon or celebrity. It’s about everyday heroes like you. It’s about moving past your last bad day and toward your best.

Coaching Testimonials
Working with Michael over the past 6 months has changed my life. I was looking for someone who would assist with a few professional challenges I was having however, his unique approach to issues has afforded me the opportunity to change the way I look at both business and professional challenges or ‘opportunities’ that come. I am convinced that I have seen my last bad day and I am excited about what’s ahead. Keep assisting us to ‘Storm the castle’. We need it.
William Capers, Jr. M.B.A., President & CEO of Olde City Day School, LLC
I had not formally interviewed in 20 years. I thought I could do it on my own but quickly understood I needed help. I turned to Michael’s consulting business and immediately he began to assist me in a resume that got recruiter’s and perspective employer’s attention. In addition he assisted me in my LinkedIn profile that was noticeable and authentic. The coaching sessions improved my ability to communicate effectively my strengths and experience where an employer would understand what I bring to the table if hired. I highly recommend Michael’s services for anyone who is legitimately interested in advancing their career, becoming better at what they currently do or to make a job/career change. It was an investment in me; that paid off. It provided me with interview swagger by the time I completed my sessions because I understood how to prepare, how to communicate and how to project with confidence my skills and experience. I credit Michael with my ability to secure a new job with a new company that I am so excited about. I am happy to discuss with anyone who reads this and wants more information; my advice: ‘Invest in you through Michael’s services; it’s worth it’
Cynthia Friedman, Senior District Sales Manager at Novartis
I have had the honor of having Michael as my Leadership Coach for over 6 months. It has been the most rewording professional experience for me, as well as my team. Through his guidance, wisdom and coaching, I have grown both as a leader, a follower and a human being. Thank you Michael!!! I look forward to our continued successes and am delighted to recommend you as indispensable leadership partner to all C-Level executives who are committed to be the best they can be!
Dr. Susan Dorfman, Chief Commercial Officer at CMI/Compas
My goal in working with Michael at Peloton Coaching and Consulting initially was focused on my career transition. Lucky me, it turned out to be so much more. Of course, we were successful in accomplishing my goals of developing a stellar LinkedIn brand, ensuring my resume would catch people’s attention and that I had my swagger for interviewing. All important things! The journey to get there, though, was the real partnership. Michael’s strength and focus on innovation in the valleys of my search process was invaluable. This is where the real work was. Deciding what I valued? What would be an ideal company for me? What excited me the most . . . Ultimately prepared me for the peaks when I had opportunities in front of me. The investment of time and money was well worth it. My career has transitioned beautifully as a result of our work together. If you’re reading this you may be considering whether Michael is an appropriate fit for you as a coach or consultant. If you have questions, feel free to contact me and I would be happy to discuss further. I highly recommend Michael!
Cindy DeLoach, Award Winning District Sales Manager | Team Coach | Strategist
Michael O’Brien is a candid, insightful and compassionate coach. He understands people and tailors self learning and skill development to the individual’s needs. His style fosters both vulnerability and accountability. As a result of Michael’s leadership, I have grown professionally and personally. His LinkedIn suggestions and expertise improved my profile and generated increased views and endorsements (crucial for job seekers). If your goal is to take your career to the next level, Peloton Coaching is a worthy investment! I highly recommend Michael and greatly benefitted from his unique, senior level perspective.
Tracey Wallace, Award Winning Pharmaceutical Sales Leader | Delivering Results | Change Manager | Coach/Mentor | Accountability Partner
I’ve had the opportunity to avail myself of Michael O’Brien’s coaching, which lent me confidence and added focus. Michael has the ability to listen to a situation and provide perspective that you might not have thought of. An honest person who leads by example and helps you realize your true talents, I would recommend his services to anyone in the market for career/personal guidance.
Sandra Graham-Mason, Associate Director, Oncology Marketing
I had the absolute good fortune of selecting Michael as my Coach when I suddenly found my career in transition.

Michael was able to help me quickly figure out what I wanted to do with my career as I move to the next chapter in my story. He helped me clarify my values and goals, and align these with my skills and experience to help create a very compelling value proposition of what I had to offer to my next employer. He also helped me continue to move my skills forward as we worked together on assignments in preparation for my next role.

This resulted in me getting the perfect role for me and believing that I am set up to have not only success but significance as I live my values with an organization that I believe I can really make a difference with.

I am so grateful for all Michael has done for me and give him the highest recommendation as an Executive Coach.
Mark Curran, National Director, Strategic Accounts
I was very fortunate to have Michael as the mentor for my HBA peer coaching group for which he volunteered. Michael went above and beyond to help me and my fellow team members think through all aspects of our careers. His candid feedback, relatable stories and supportive style were truly inspiring. I am glad I had the opportunity to benefit from his experience and advice.
Maribel Garcia-Rodriguez, Global Marketing at Bayer HealthCare
Here at RB, we were looking for ways to strengthen the engagement of our employees and inspire them to close out the business year strong, so we invited Michael O’Brien to speak at a recent Town Hall meeting. His engaging presentation style – infused with humor, wit and real-world insight – and inspirational message about the choices we have each day to fully engage with life and outperform in all areas of our life really resonated with employees. Feedback from the meeting was overwhelmingly positive. We hope to work with Michael again in the future.
Emanuele Celani, Regional VP HR
I have worked with Michael as a client transitioning into a very large organization. Michael’s advice and guidance have been invaluable! Having a coach with an external (to the organization) perspective was so helpful. As a female leader, Michael provided feedback and insights to continue strengthening my presence as a leader that I will remember for many years to come!
Michelle (Johnson) Radney, Award Winning Executive - Results Oriented - Revenue Driver - Director with P&L experience
I worked with Michael O’Brien for about six months during a time when the organization for which I work was undergoing a lot of turmoil. Talking with Michael was a great way for me to stay accountable to myself and to see my environment from a different perspective. I looked forward to my discussions with Michael because I always learned something new about myself and often about those surrounding me. Typically it was in the form of how I approached things and how I could try new and different approaches. I learned that often times I was my own worst enemy. I realized that I often mentally wrote incorrect narratives for myself and for others and those fabricated narratives were distracting me from progress. Whether it was gaining a better understanding of a colleague’s perspective, seeing a responsibility in a different light, or pivoting towards a new direction, I was always confident Michael was promoting change within me in a very positive way, directed at positive outcomes. He took the time to understand my priorities, my needs, and my goals. I recommend Michael O’Brien. One can learn a lot within a few months with him.
Alison Dewey, National Bike Summit Director at League of American Bicyclists
My developmental goal while working with Michael O’Brien at Peloton Coaching and Consulting, was to create an individualized professional brand. In a short period, through personal reflection, a series of exercises and conversation, we achieved the objective. Michael created a safe environment in order to assess personality traits, desires, needs and values. He was adaptable, with great intuition, loads of patience and a sense of humor that made it that much more enjoyable. Michael was also available as an objective “sounding board”, and at times, with little or no notice. One of the many projects we worked on was developing my Linkedin profile. Feel free to take a peek. I highly recommend working with Michael O’Brien at Peloton Coaching and Consulting, to anyone seeking professional development in their current career, in a completely different career or totally switching gears into “retirement”.
Stephanie Rohlman, Senior Neurology Sales Specialist, Neuroscience Division, Eisai Inc.
Michael is a great executive coach. Through his coaching he made me recognize what my next career move would be. He was thoughtful of the issues surrounding my life and made me search for my definition of success. He is a passionate professional with in-depth experience at executive levels in the pharma industry. He cares intensely about people being empowered to understand and make informed choices. He guides people to be responsible for their choices and gains a deep understanding of their priorities and how they make decisions. He brings a results oriented business approach. He has a strong business acumen and is an experienced leader of sales organizations and cross-functional teams.
Christine Verini RPh., Chief Business Development Officer at CancerCare
Michael was incredibly helpful to me during a difficult career and life transition. He took me through exercises that helped me to renew my confidence in my skills, and was a great support system in helping me actualize some of my big ideas. A good coach is someone who balances encouragement while challenging you to do your best. Michael was all of these things for me, and I highly recommend him to anyone needing assistance in their career.
Liz Cornish, Executive Director at Bikemore
Praise For Shift
What Michael experienced on what he calls his “last bad day” is incredibly hard to fathom.

As a fellow cyclist, I have spent many restless nights from various injuries due to racing and know what it takes to put yourself back into those situations that made you crash in the first place. What Michael experienced on what he calls his “last bad day” is incredibly hard to fathom.

His story takes you through the honest, gritty details of his near death experience of being hit at 40mph and the daunting and arduous task of being able to get back on the bike. Within the story, he talks about “shifts”, how he was able to change his mind-set and perspective and ultimately change his attitude from one of being a victim to victor. Throughout the story, Michael relates many “ah-ha” moments that make you take pause and reflect on things that you may be experiencing in your life and how you may be able to “shift” your perception in order to change them.

Anyone who has experienced adversity in their personal or professional life will enjoy this book, as it delves into the psychological progression of recovery and the importance of having a network of support. I highly recommend this book as it is an easy and inspiring read.
— ★★★★★
Stop what you’re doing and read this book!

I read Shift in one day . . . that’s not my norm! Saying I was impressed is an understatement. Michael’s ability to communicate the depth of his challenge while clearly sharing what the love of family, support of friends and an optimistic mindset can do for a person is enviable! Inspiring. Motivating . . . it’s a “scream off the roof tops and tell all of your friends” kind of book. Invest the time in yourself and read Shift.
— Cindy DeLoachon
I thoroughly enjoyed SHIFT. The book is so well written and...

I thoroughly enjoyed SHIFT. The book is so well written and is such an amazing story of perseverance and strength. The lessons he points out from his own experience and how they can be applied to our everyday lives makes this story one that can help you no matter your situation. Thanks for sharing your story Michael!
— Macy Chapmanon
If you complain about traffic, the weather or bad hair days? READ THIS BOOK AND BE INSPIRED TO CHANGE YOUR MINDSET!

”They” say its not about encountering struggles, its about how you handle the struggles you encounter - sounds easy, right? We’ve all had struggles - of various types and proportions - its universal. Yet, somehow we have to keep on. Shift provides an insightful view on how to not just “keep on” but to thrive in the face of adversity. Michael O’Brien faces his “last bad day” (and it is BAD) - but through his recovery ups and downs, his ability to learn and grow and sharpen his resilience is as miraculous as his physical recovery (or maybe resulted in his physical recovery). His story is very real - we follow his horrific accident, his excruciating recovery and the amazing lessons he CHOSE to learn. It is so easy to forget we have choices, one of the most important being how we chose to THINK - our mindset. Michael’s story is inspirational and very authentic - you will enjoy the journey and see how he made lemonade out of some huge lemons. Now that he is an executive coach, I can only hope I have the opportunity to hear him speak - or, if I’m really lucky, have the opportunity to be coached by him.
— ★★★★★
*Exemplary! Authentic! Heartfelt True Life Account of a Man, His Family, & Their Struggle to Overcome Life Altering Adversity!*

I literally devoured SHIFT in less than three hours in one sitting at a Coffee Shop. I couldn’t put it down! I can’t remember the last time a nonfiction book took hold of my Soul the way SHIFT did! The author eloquently captures the details of his ordeal and relates them in a profound way that has the reader in full anticipation of what will be revealed on the next page. The final pages of the last chapter offer 20 suggestions for self reflection. These pages alone are worth the price of the book. BUY IT! Read it! Apply what you learn and watch as your own life SHIFTS right before your eyes... Also, as a demonstration of BEING abundance, all profits from the book will be used to support World Bicycle Relief.
— Bobby Kountzon
Shift is the only book I have ever read cover...

Shift is the only book I have ever read cover to cover in one sitting, Michael’s story grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. This book is a story of survival, grit and perseverance told in a very personal way.
— ★★★★★
Guaranteed to move you!

SHIFT will change you!! Michael’s story proves the power of the human spirit. Incredibly well written! MUST READ.
— Dayne Gingrichon

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