Working with Michael

When I began my coaching and consulting practice, I promised myself I would adhere to few guiding principles.

The most important was: Make it about others.

This principle continues to inspire me today.

My experience as a corporate executive, a leader, and a recovering trauma patient revealed a valuable lesson: To become your best, you need to follow a blueprint made for you. Cookie cutter methodologies don’t work because every leader has different goals. 

I understand that hiring a leadership coach isn’t easy for everyone. As a leader in a competitive environment, it’s hard to ask for help. Yet, when it’s time to look to an ally for advice, insights or real-world feedback, you have no one to turn to.

When it comes to others, it’s easy to see the value that coaches or tutors bring. Think about your children or when you were younger, for example. Can you see how coaches improved performance? Or consider your friends who hired a personal trainer to reach fitness and health goals. Coaches make a big difference.

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Why would a leadership coach be different?

In so many aspects of life, hiring a coach is the wisest investment you can make to ensure your future success. Great leaders such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Oprah have reported that they’ve benefited from coaching. Yes, despite this fact, too many business leaders view executive coaching as an ominous sign.

I don’t feel that way, nor will I work with companies or leaders who do. For me, coaching is about taking you from great to your best and ensuring you enhance your value in our complex economy. To quote one of my clients, “I feel like I’m cheating. I feel like my partnership with you is like a leadership performance enhancing drug.”

You consistently invest your time, money, and energy in the people around you. Isn’t it time that you invest in yourself, as well? You deserve it. You have earned it.


My promise to you as your leadership coach is to bring all of my unique work and life experiences to help you perform at your best.

I understand that my clients want more than a coach. They want a consultant, a mentor, and an advisor who is relatable. They want someone who has been “in the trenches,” during a variety of economic environments, and who knows how to successfully get out of them.

I know from experience what can happen when you approach every day full of energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration. And when you have a team of people who feel the same way, anything is possible.

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