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Leadership Coach // Meditation Teacher // Impact-Drive Speaker // Best-Selling Author

Meet Michael O'Brien

Michael’s unique mixture of “in the trenches” executive leadership experience, resilient Last Bad Day story, and signature Pause Breathe Reflect™ method can help any audience shift their perspective and see what is possible.

As a corporate coach, he elevates successful leaders by helping them prevent bad moments from turning into bad days.

Michael has shared his story with TEDx, ABC and companies like Pfizer, Genentech, the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, Brother International, Novartis, J & J and many others. In addition, he’s written two best-selling books, Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows and My Last Bad Day Shift.

Michael O'Brien
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Before launching his coaching career, Michael experienced a life-altering event that shattered his worldview. On July 11th, 2001, he was struck head-on by a speeding S.U.V. while out on a training bike ride. He considers his Last Bad Day one of his best days because it forced him to Pause Breathe Reflect™on what it means to be a human being rather than a human doer.

Since then, Michael is on a quest to help others PAUSE BREATHE REFLECT™ so they can deal with change, become more resilient, and prevent their bad moments from turning into a bad day or longer.

Michael is a vocal male champion for women's leadership and empowerment causes. He's the first male president of a chapter of the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association and currently serves on their Global Board of Directors.

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Resilience Expert, Impact-Driven Speaker , Best-selling Author and more

As a corporate executive, Michael’s experience translates into a relatable message with a profound impact: stop letting bad moments turn into bad days.

Many audience members will feel like Michael is speaking just to them because he has experienced their world and will help them see how they can show up differently tomorrow.

He reminds us to PAUSE BREATHE REFLECT™ to help slow things down when life and career feel too overwhelming. Michael will inspire your audience with practical tips to help them create a better tomorrow.

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Potential Discussion Topics

✓ Resilience
✓ Change Management
✓ Mindset
✓ Mindfulness
✓ E.Q.
✓ Leadership
✓ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
✓ Culture Building


Popular Speaking Topics

✓ Preventing Bad Moments from Turning into Bad Days 

✓ Leading with C.A.R.E. (Connection, Awareness, Resilience and Energy Management) 

✓ Using G.R.A.C.E. to build Resilience

✓ How Men Can Become Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Allies

✓ From Woo-Woo to Wow! How Mindfulness Can Change Your Business and Life



Don't take our word for it, here's what others have to say

Courtney Jackson

"Michael had come to the company I work for to do some workshops on “Building Your Brand” last week, as my company is an amazing advocate of personal growth and self-improvement. I was expecting a good experience from the presentation to begin with, but Michael absolutely blew me away. He really helped our group dig deep to find what we each value most, how to exude it in our relationships and use it as our own personal brand to elevate our experiences in the workplace and create growth for ourselves within the company and beyond. Michael’s approach was very thought provoking, inspiring and completely personal. It made us really think about perception, both our own and how others see us, which really made us look to “get real” with ourselves. I really loved his idea of “Your career isn’t a silo or a solo project”. By the end of his presentation, I had this great sense of my career being in my own hands, and that it is what I choose to make of it. I also had stronger ideas of my own personal value as well as more value for people I work with every day both in and outside of the office. Thank you, Michael, for this eye-opening experience and the newly found spark I found inside myself. In this world full of crazy schedules, constant competition to be the best and other hurdles to face, we need more messages like yours to keep us moving in the right direction as a healthy team of individuals. Keep pedaling! "

Courtney Jackson Associate Manager, Review Committee Operations
Rita Ribeiro

"We were honored to have Michael address our teams during a period of anxiety and uncertainty related to an upcoming divestiture of several business units. Despite the challenges at hand, Michael was able to refocus us on what really matters in life: being grateful for every day. Gratitude and perspective are powerful messages that he can deliver better than anyone because of his unique experiences and truly inspiring story. Aside from knowing Michael as a flexible and effective motivational speaker, I have the pleasure of working with him as an HBA (Healthcare Businesswomen Association) mentor and chapter president. A true champion for gender parity in healthcare and an industry veteran with a diverse portfolio of assignments and experience, Michael is also a transformative force in the lives of those he coaches, mentors and inspires. Thank you for all you do!"

Rita Ribeiro Patient Experience, Advocacy & Commercialization Leader, Board of Directors and Community Impact Strategist
Stephen McMillan

"There's an old adage that as your kids get older their parents become much smarter. In a way, that's what I've come to learn about Michael. In many ways, he was way ahead of the curve on DEI. As I've learned more in this area, I can now look at him and understand the perspective and vision he's brought to this issue over many years. Importantly, he's still got the knowledge there is more to learn by all of us. He's got the skills to help your organization grow into a better team, and your leadership to grow into better managers of people and talent."

Stephen McMillan Strategic & Tactical Government Affairs Leader
Pamela Smith

"Thank you so much for sharing your life-lessons and providing motivation for our patient speakers during our ambassador conference this year! After I read your book and spoke with David, I knew you were the right person to deliver our message. You did not disappoint! Your message was on point! Everyone is still talking about your speech and the very empowering and impactful message you delivered. I have enjoyed getting to know you, and the helpful tips from your blogs. Thank you for enriching all of us! "

Pamela Smith Program Coordinator
Hilary Srole

"Michael has presented a few times at our Advancing Women's Leadership Conference over the years and his presentation never disappoints! His storytelling is inspiring, authentic and above all practical for everyone - as we have all experienced bad moments and bad days. He's been a joy to work with and even saved the day by switching his speaking slot to 4 hours earlier with almost no notice to help us fill a last-minute cancellation. I look forward to working with him again in the future!"

Hilary Srole Project Manager, Business Operations