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The Pause Breathe Reflect Way

We believe in short, relatable practices to help you meet all your moments mindfully. This means, if you don’t have 10 minutes in the morning, we’ve got you!

You’re human, and there are probably five times during the day when you can pause and catch your breath for two minutes. It’s how we weave mindfulness into our everyday lives and becomes a way of being and prevents the stress from building up.

Get the Support You Desire

We believe that we go far together. So when you join our like-hearted community you join others who want to create a better world from the inside out. 

Plus, I’m here for you. Whether you are new to meditation or have experience, I’m here – human to human – to support you and your practice. I offer my teaching and guidance during our live meditations during the week and through various other ways we can connect. 

I know how essential meditation has been for me in my recovery and preventing bad moments from turning into a bad day and I want to share the practice with you because it might help you as well. 



Accessible and Growing Meditation Library

Discover meditation practices tailored for modern life—quick, simple, and practical sessions from 1 to 5 minutes and longer to fit your busy schedule. To help you navigate life more easily, choose meditations and breathwork exercises lasting 1, 2, 3, and 5 minutes or more. Of course, if you have time and want to meditate longer, we’ve got you covered.


Plus, our new assistant, Michael AI, can help you find just the right practice for the moment. We know how frustrating it can be to spend 10 minutes trying to find a 2-minute practice.

Loved by Like-Hearted Community

"This app has been extremely useful in helping me establish a good meditation routine. I also really value the community I have found here. The interactive zoom meet-ups have been really healing for me."

Alison Willete

"Pause Breathe Reflect App is unique from every other mindfulness meditation app I’ve used, including Insight Timer which I love. It has meditations of all different time lengths starting with one minute and working up to longer ones. There’s really a meditation for almost any moment you need a pause so it’s hardly an occasion you don’t have time to meditate or pause to breathe. There are also live meditations on zoom which is a very special experience and feature. It’s a beautiful way to meditate and share community. Beautiful app!"

"I’ve never left a review for an app before, but I feel compelled to encourage people to give this one a try. Whether you have a meditation practice, or are someone who just wants one minute to connect to their breath, this app can accommodate. It offers variety, yet is easy to navigate. Visually, it is beautiful and welcoming. My favorite feature is that this app provides a sense of connection. When listening to the guided mindfulness practice, it is like checking in with a friend. Also, you can join live meditations via Zoom (keep camera and mic off if you choose) several times a week. The challenges of the past couple of years has highlighted how important connection and community really are, and Pause Breathe Reflect has provided that for me."

"I absolutely LOVE this APP! Seriously, I would give it more than 5 stars if this review had it available. I start my day out with it, sometimes I need one minute or five minutes during the day to reset BUT….every night this is what I use to FREE MY MIND. I struggle shutting my wife, mom, nana, entrepreneur brain off. This here works to do exactly that every time! Once, I begin to meditate that’s where the struggle bus stops and I fall asleep 💤 relaxed and I feel well rested."

"A really great meditation app. The range of themes and lengths make it so easy to dial in exactly what you need in the moment. The community meditations are wonderful as well and are a great feature alongside the recorded guided meditations. I'm rather new to meditation and found this to be a great first step to establishing a strong practice for myself. I've shared some meditations with my spouse and others who are more experienced, and they found them to be great and effective as well."

Jeff Roth

"You need a pause in your day? Need a breath? A moment to reflect? This is the app for you. Reframe your worries, refocus your fears and find the miracle in your day with this app!!"

D. “Anne” Montgomery

"I have been a member of the Pause Breathe Reflect community for about two years. I have tried other meditation apps, and they are sterile and easy to forget. Pause Breathe reflect is a community. It is interactive. The support goes beyond just a daily meditation. Michael is phenomenal and helps you connect with how to integrate meditation as a daily practice in your life. He has helped me move forward with my personal goals."

"I’ve been following Michael’s meditations for years on Clubhouse and other platforms but had trouble with consistency, so was beyond thrilled when he announced he finally had an app! It’s Everything I hoped it would be and more, from the second you open it you are prompted to breathe and it’s instantly relaxing and ‘your place’ to seperate from the chaos of life. Cannot recommend this app highly enough. Michael makes the world a better, happier place and has a Tremendous ripple! And his friends/ fans/ PBR community thanks him for it over and over 🙂❤️"


Start Navigating Life More Easily

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What about you?

It’s time to step into your greatest and become healthy, wealthy, and wise from the inside out.

It would be my honor to serve as your mindfulness guide. Please join us.

Until we connect on the app, keep rippling something worth rippling.

meditation,pause breathe app,mindfulness
meditation,pause breathe app,mindfulness
meditation,pause breathe app,mindfulness
App Store Reviews

Pause Breathe Reflect At Work

As a former corporate executive and current entrepreneur, I know how stressful work can be. It’s nonstop email, meetings, eating at your desk, more meetings, having dinner, and then more emails. About right?


Here’s where Pause, Breathe, Reflect can support you. Micro-breaks are essential for being productive, focused, and thoughtful in your decision-making.


The good news is that our approach makes it easy to take micro-breaks because I know you’re busy. I’ve been there and have created many work-specific meditations that are three minutes or less.

Michael O'Brien

The Benefits of Mindfulness at Work

When I started, mindfulness was woo-woo. I didn’t tell a soul I was doing it. I thought they would think I was becoming soft, but I learned that my practice made me sharper.

Here are some ways, meditation can help you at work.

Enhanced focus

Meditation can help you focus better during crucial conversations and make your meetings better. Yay to that! Because people are paying attention rather than getting distracted. As a result, you might need a few meetings to accomplish more.

Shift Faster

No doubt work is unpredictable, and things are moving faster than ever. Pause Breathe Reflect can help you rebound faster when things miss their mark and help you become more comfortable with the discomfort of uncertainty.

Change Your Relationship With Stress

I can’t change the stress that comes from work, but you can learn how to dance with it differently. Meditation expands our awareness so we can see things from a different perspective, calm the mind, relax the body, and let go of those rocks in our backpacks.

More Energy

Mindfulness can help you manage your energy throughout the day so you have more life harmony. It gives you a moment to care for yourself and your well-being.

Having Time to Pause Breathe Reflect

We believe that you can be mindful anywhere and at any time. It’s not just something to do at a retreat, a spa, or a Himmyalain Temple.


And we know you don’t have all day to meditate – you got stuff to get done.


That’s why we have many shorter practices that you can do before a meeting, at the end of the day, and a few times during the day to help you release stress and let work go so you aren’t bringing it home with you.


Plus, I offer teaching and guidance to companies and teams that know that mindfulness is the way to a more inclusive culture and a better bottom line because team members are more focused, productive, and can handle change better.

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