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It’s About Your SHIFT!

Hi, I'm Michael and I elevate successful corporate leaders like you by preventing your bad moments from turning into bad days.

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About Michael



Before My Last Bad Day (i.e., when this white SUV hit me head-on while I was out training on my bike), I was a successful sales professional and marketing director. But I felt burdened by the same stress that you and your team feel every day. There were many days when I lacked the energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration to break down my work silos, ease the drama, and get closer to being my best.

My recovery from my near death cycling experience was the catalyst to the seminal shift that changed my perspective, mindset, and actions. It put me on a path to create better tomorrows at work and in life, and sparked my executive career progression, which was instrumental to finding happiness and passion for business leadership development and Peloton Coaching and Consulting.

Work With Michael


Are you a corporate executive who understands that the old style of top-down leadership no longer works?

Imagine how effective you could be if you eliminated your work silos, reactive drama, and disengagement. Imagine how happy you could be if you woke up every day excited about what’s possible for you. Imagine how it would feel to go to work full of energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration.

Now, imagine the success you could harness if you led a team of trusting, thoughtful, and accountable people who felt the same way.

Your potential, as well as your company’s potential, would be limitless.

Coaching and Speaking Services


Executive Business Leadership and Entrepreneurial Coaching

My promise to you as your leadership coach is to bring all of my unique work and life experiences to help you perform at your best. I understand that my clients want more than a coach. They want a consultant, a mentor, and an advisor who is relatable. They want someone who has been “in the trenches,” during a variety of economic environments, and who knows how to successfully get out of them.

I know from experience what can happen when you approach every day full of energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration. And when you have a team of people who feel the same way, anything is possible.


The Pace Line Leadership Academy

Does this sound like anyone you know? 

  • Lacking valuable career mentorship, guidance and support

  • Feeling overwhelmed with never-ending stress associated with balancing a career and personal life

  • Worrying about long-term financial security

  • Listening to negative self-talk that keeps the status-quo alive and well

  • Going through life doing, but not being

If so, then click on LEARN MORE and discover a new approach to Leadership Development.


Keynotes and Panels

Michael will help your organization develop renewed energy to transition faster, executive better, and build empathy and trust through practical advice that team can implement right away.

After working with Michael, your audience will come away with a renewed energy to tackle your most significant challenges and practical advice that your organization can implement right away.

Michael is committed to helping audiences leave with more gratitude, perspective, and motivation so they can create a better tomorrow for themselves and their peloton.


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