Shift Tip: 5 Ways to Make Work, Work

Five Ways to Make Work, Work Better

The forty-hour workweek, at least in the States, seems so retro today. Many have to string together multiple freelance gigs to make ends meet, while corporate warriors struggle to find the space between life and work.

In the mid-40s, when 9 to 5 meant something and work-life balance wasn’t something, Churchill said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

A crisis is a perfect reason to change almost anything. Since I believe that if we can change how we work together, we will change how we live together, I think Winston would be proud if we leveraged today’s kerfuffle to make work, work better for all of us.

Over the last year and change, I’ve been journaling my ideas on how we make work, work, and achieve better life-work harmony.

In today’s video, I share five ways to create a better workplace for all of us tomorrow. My list is long, so I will share additional ideas in the weeks ahead, like making sure you take PTO.

And speaking of PTO, as I try to shift, I want to update you on our Pause Breathe Reflect Bike Tour across the country. Good news: My knee is responding to my treatment, and I feel encouraged.

More Good news: Our new Pause Breathe Reflect tanks, tees, sweatshirts, and coffee mugs have arrived and are shipping this week. They are awesome-sauce! Thank you to those who have ordered so far.

You can discover more about the ride and store as you poke around our website.

I appreciate you being part of our peloton. Until next week, remember to Pause Breathe Reflect on how to make work, work better for you and, of course, have fun storming the castle this week!


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