Shift Tip: Love Is...

Love is…

Taking a canoe ride.


Cycling something you know is difficult with the one you love because you want to share it with her along with the beautiful views….. 1/2 way through and she wants you dead…. but you hang in there and get cocktails after.

A hot cup of coffee. In the morning, before everyone else wakes up.

Missing her before you’re gone; marrying her again every day of your life.

Snuggling with my three Boston Terriers.

Eating ice cream with someone I love.

A cute little face with a tail-wagging, jumping up and down greeting you at the door.

Your daughters beating your dog to the door, welcoming you home after a business trip.

Waking up and seeing the person next to you, and knowing you got it right!

Delivering coffee to her in bed every day.

Different for everyone, yet beautiful for all.

Patiently waiting for them to ask for help.

When your spouse and children never leave your side during chemo, hospital, and all the shit that comes with it.

Your husband bringing your favorite Chinese food while you sit in bed with a fever from your COVID shot.

Coming home from a business trip, opening the door and lighting up at the sight of your sons, your dog, and your cat, all smiling and happy to see you as soon as you come in!

Putting Ikea furniture together.

Recently I asked folks to complete the sentence, Love is…

Their responses are awesome-sauce. Let me know what you would say.

But before you do, here’s another sentence for you. Love at work is… How would you finish this one?

This is the theme of this week’s video and one possibility connects back to our breath.

Until next week, remember to Pause.Breathe.Reflect. It’s one of the best ways to keep your love going strong, and of course, have fun storming the castle! With love,

With Love,