What’s your #28?

We are a board game and puzzle family – especially around the holidays. While grabbing Ticket to Ride, I walked down memory with Chutes and Ladders, a game we played with the girls when they were younger.

Everyone wanted to land on #28. When you do, it’s a dopamine fast-pass to #84 and you’re a few spins away from winning.

Many who were lucky enough to land on #28 ended up winning, but others fell victim to #87, which sent them down a cortisol slide to #24, and they often got passed by those taking a slow and steady approach.

Life is the same way. At many points in my life, all I wanted to do was land on #28. I wanted things to be easy so I would dream, wish, and manifest my way there, but only ended up sliding backward.

Along the way, I’ve discovered that we might catch the right wave at the right time, but it’s often more chance than skill. When we are too attached to landing on the “right square,” it rarely happens.

However, we tend to meet success when we find the courage to get in the game, take a long view, and realize that we are where we are supposed to be. With mindfulness, every square can be #28.

Until next week, ripple something worth rippling, and let me know your favorite board game.

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