Shift Tip: My Last Bad Day

20 Life Lessons Plus One | Celebrating 20 Years Since My Last Bad Day

At this hour, twenty years ago, everything shifted for me.

Our corporate off-site agenda had us scheduled for a quintessential New Mexican sunrise hot-air balloon ride, but The Universe had a different plan. It sent me an SUV that I couldn’t avoid and gave me my first Pause Breathe Reflect moment.

When I regained consciousness, first responders surrounded me. They had called in a State Trooper, anticipating that I would slip away. But even though my chances for survival were grim, they and my trauma team at the University of New Mexico Medical Center got to work.

They didn’t care who I voted for, pray to, or loved. The bell sounded, and they answered. They helped me feel heard, seen, and loved when I felt all alone.

They saved my life.

The day happened just like it was supposed to happen because The Universe laughs at corporate agendas.

I’ve discovered, remembered, and unlearned a lot over the last twenty years. Today I will share just twenty life lessons and this week’s video is the plus one that makes the twenty happen.

20: Adding and, up until now, and yet to any statement makes everything possible.

19: We are all perfectly imperfect; we are Kintsugi art – once broken and now more beautiful

18: The system isn’t broken; it’s working perfectly for those who built it for a select few. We don’t need to fix it; we need to build something better.

17: The extra mile is never crowded

16: Obstacles don’t block your path; they are the path

15: Being honest about your mortality is the best way to live with vitality

14: Jobs was wrong about dots; the only way to connect them is moving forward.

13: Your peloton matters – ride with those who bring out the best in you.

12: You go where your eyes go

11: If it doesn’t challenge you, it probably won’t change you

10: Do nothing is something, it’s called recovery

9: Most problems begin from not feeling heard, seen, and loved

8: Breathe

7: We overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year

6: Slow is the fastest way to go fast

5: It’s time to unpack your backpack and fill it something good

4: God, The Universe, Reality, and Mother Nature win 100% of their arguments

3: Life is happening for you, not to you

2: Everything is neutral until you label it

1: It all comes down to the conversation you have with yourself

You can view this week’s video below. It’s about the one thing that makes these twenty possible, and I believe it’s why I survived my Last Bad Day.

From the moment the first responders came to my aid to this very moment, I wake up every day intending to honor how our peloton has shaped my life. Thank you for rippling into me. I’m forever grateful.

Until next week, remember to Pause Breathe Reflect and have fun storming the castle!


p.s., An update on my total knee replacement. It was moved from the 12th to the 21st, and it got a little more complicated. I’ll share more next week.