Shift Tip: ISO Life-Work Harmony

ISO Life-Work Harmony

Around this time in 1992, I was tired of the same old social scene. So after a post-happy hour review of the personal ads in Washington’s City Paper with my roomies, I got curious.

I wonder what was more desperate, placing an ad or answering one?

Then, I wrote this ad…

Placing my judgy social experiment to the side, I was genuinely interested in meeting someone new, so I anxiously placed the ad, and then..

I met my best friend and woman of my dreams. This weekend we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary and once again answered my initial question.

The answer? – It wasn’t desperate; it was pure awesome sauce.

This ad, by far, is still the best ad of my marketing and sales career, and in this week’s video, I break it down with an emphasis on two lines.

After you finish watching it, I invite you to write a personal ad for your return to work or, in other words, better life-work harmony. Because if you don’t put your In Search Of (ISO) out there, you might be settling for the most remarkable corporate myth, work-life balance.

Here are some prompts to get your creative writing juices flowing:

  1. What does life-work harmony mean to you?
  2. What values are most important to you now?
  3. How do you wish to honor them?
  4. What kind of meetings/events are you willing to travel to?
  5. How will you process your stress in the future?
  6. What boundaries will you create in a hybrid world?
  7. How are you different today than in February 2020?
  8. What do you what to leave behind?
  9. What do you wish to keep?
  10. What turns your pilot light on?

Here’s the thing, if you don’t create your future, someone else will. So don’t silence your voice. Speak your truth.

Until next week, remember to Pause Breathe Reflect and have fun storming the castle!


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