Start 2024 in Silence

“How long can you be silent? – No speaking, digital listening, watching, reading, scrolling, or writing.

For many of us, just considering this question can make us uncomfortable. In today’s world, we’re surrounded by constant noise, grown accustomed to it, and rarely find time to enjoy silence. Living just outside of NYC, I know how true this is.

Depending on the context, silence can create tension, stir boredom, amplify emotions in music, and foster a sense of belonging among like-hearted individuals.

‘Never miss a good chance to shut up.’ – Will Rogers

As we enter the last two weeks of December, the ‘New Year, New You!’ rush to capture your attention has begun. But before you leap into 2024, why not embrace quietness and reflect on what you truly desire?

Becoming comfortable with silence is vital for success.

To paraphrase Viktor Frankl, silence gives you the freedom to grow. It’s a space of imagination, curiosity, ideation, tranquility, focus, listening, witnessing, and other qualities essential for life today.

Could your life benefit from more noise-to-quiet harmony?

On Saturday, January 6th, I’m hosting an online half-day silent retreat (9 am to 1 pm Eastern), part of a quarterly series designed to gradually increase our comfort with silence, from a half-day to a full day and potentially to a multiple-day in-person retreat in 2024. Its structure reflects my belief that small steps lead to transformation over time.

I may not be great at making predictions, but next year will likely be more tumultuous and uncertain than this one.

Why not start next year differently? A few hours of silence may be just what you need to make 2024 meaningful.

Click the button below to learn more about the retreat and challenge your comfort with silence.

Now, for an ungraceful transition to The Kintsugi Podcast – hey, if you’re going to listen to something, let it be soul-filling. This week, I sit down with the fabulous Erica Diamond and will share a Winter Solstice meditation with you on Friday.

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But like all moments, this one is about to pass.

Until next week, happy Winter Solstice, and have fun storming the castle!