a secret to happiness

When everything is urgent and important, we strive to fill every moment. Before we realize it, the moments between our moments narrow and narrow until… there’snospace.Thenwelayermoredoingontopofourdoingleavingusnotimetothinkeatorusethebathroomsowedothesewhiledoingsomethingelse.Ourstressbuilds,andtheflywheelkeepsturninguntilourworkrelationshipsandhealthbegintosufferandwelosesightoftheeverydaymomentsthatenichourlivesLifebecomesanamorphousblobthatleavesustiredandconfusedWewonderifwe’reprogressingfromallthisdoingnumbourpainandkeepgoingbecauseitiswhatitisEvenwheneverythingfeelshardertodolikereadingthispost.

Butwhenwetakeamomenttopauseandbreatheslowly, something extraordinary begins to happen. We create s p a c e and can start to see each moment as an opportunity to make a different choice.


We become comfortable with solitude,


the “game” slows and flows,


and we see new possibilities more clearly.








“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.” — Viktor Frankl

When you fill every moment, there’s no space, growth, or freedom – only triggers and reactions. But a different path allows you to be present for your everyday moments, live an examined life, and improve the relationship that changes all your relationships and unlocks a secret to happiness.

Today is World Meditation Day, and I invite you to use it to create space and bring mindfulness to your everyday moments. And if you don’t know how to begin, start with one minute because, as Jon Kabat-Zinn said, “we only have moments to live.”

Until next week, have fun storming the castle!


P.S. During the nearly 100 Days between Memorial and Labor Day, I will share a new series with you called: Mindful Everyday Moments. We are hardwired to focus on the negative or worry about what we can’t control and miss many everyday moments that make up our lives, This summer, I’ll share a daily pithy post that highlights everyday moments and helps us ripple something worth rippling.