Shift Tip: Enjoy The Silence

Enjoy the Silence: Time to Reflect, Reset, and Renew

Sometimes the most significant difference between those who find fulfillment and those who chase it is nothing. That is, the pros know when to be quiet. Silence is a virtue, but it isn’t easy – especially in our noisy world. 


W.A.I.T. – Why Am I Talking? 


When was the last time you appreciated someone for not speaking up or waiting for a beat or two to ensure they are thinking clearly about what they wish to say, text or email? And how often do you notice yourself speaking without realizing what you’re saying?


I’m an advocate for those who speak their truth, especially previously marginalized voices, as well as those who know that sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all. 


It’s essential to take a moment to appreciate silence, the silence of others, and the silence within you. Silence creates space for important things like reflection and intention. 


So, here’s to those with the courage to speak and wisdom to know when to stay quiet. 


This week’s video is all about enjoying the silence. I’m off this week for a five-day silent retreat and look forward to sharing the experience with you next week. 


But before I get my silence on, I want to share two new awesome-sauce offerings by Pause Breathe Reflect. 


Reflect, Reset, and Renew: Breathe Your Way to Success Mini-Course. This is the perfect gift for yourself, a friend, or your team at work. In this four-part course, you will discover how your breath and mindfulness can help you enhance your awareness, sharpen your focus, and stay calm so you can have more success and happiness at work and home – which for most is the same place still. The first segment releases on January 1st, and you can grab the special pre-order price until the end of the year. 


Bundle Up with P.B.R. We now have winter hats with pom-poms and without – it turns out that we are a world divided on this topic, so we did both. You will love them, and you can secure pre-order pricing now. 


Until next week, have fun storming the castle!