It Might Be Time for A Time Out

Last Thursday night, at The Boston Garden, the Celtics, despite a previous 29-point lead, found themselves in a precarious position in the third quarter of this year’s NBA Finals. 

At this crucial moment when Dallas was roaring back, their coach, Joe Mazzulla, who had faced widespread criticism for his timeout management in the past, made a strategic decision that would alter the course of the game – he called a timeout. 

It sparked a 14-0 run, effectively crushing the Dallas Mavericks and their fans’ hopes of a dramatic comeback.

This decision by the Celtics’ coach not only shifted the momentum of the game but also demonstrated the power of a well-timed timeout in a high-stakes match like the NBA Finals. 

The timeout can shift the arena’s energy and a team’s momentum, give players a chance to catch their breath, and set up for a critical moment in the game. 

  • It’s a Pause in the game
  • The players to catch their Breath
  • and the team Reflects on what’s called for now (e.g. draw up the next play)

In traditional American sports, teams have a limited number, but humans can take Pause, Breathe, Reflect timeouts whenever needed, like…

  • when we feel anxious or overwhelmed
  • before a meeting to set our intentions
  • when you’re stuck in traffic
  • when someone is on our last nerve 😡
  • when it’s time to celebrate a win

However we might define it, most of us want a good life. It’s built on a solid foundation with these four cornerstones: 

  • Having a better relationship with stress
  • Focusing on what matters most
  • Approaching life with equanimity 
  • Living intentionally and in alignment

Morning routines are like pre-game warm-ups. They’re a chance to loosen up the body and strategize, but once the game or the day begins, you know things often do not go as planned. 

When you experience a bad moment or need to see things clearly for what they are, or need to slow things down or change your energy during the day or game, as the Celtics did, it’s wise to call a timeout and Pause, Breathe, and Reflect to get back on track and prevent a bad day or game from happening. 

Yes, many see mindfulness as woo-woo, soft, or just for mental health in corporations like ESPN, but it’s far more than that. 

It’s a way to play the game better. To Pause, Breathe, and Reflect is to call a timeout so we can show up intentionally and put a positive ripple into the world, which is something to do daily rather than every week or so. 

Game 2 of the NBA Finals is tonight; let’s see how timeouts play a role. I already know that they will significantly impact how you wish to play your game called Life. 

Until next week, have fun storming the castle! 


p.s, If you don’t have your Pause Breathe Reflect app, yet, call a timeout and download it today. You can pay what you can for your first year and discover how to manage your time better. 

When Netflix began, it had a ton of DVD inventory until it switched its business model to streaming. 

I’m doing something similar with my Pause Breathe Reflect Store. This month, I’m selling all my remaining inventory and shifting to pre-sales and a life without inventory because, well, although I may be pretty good at a lot of things, I’m not so hot at inventory management. 

So, if you want to give Dad something special for Father’s Day or love a particular style, now’s your time because many styles will not continue as we head into the second half of the year. 

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