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How to Keep Your Balance

When we begin, we struggle to find our balance. We fall, scrape our knees, and get back up until we get it. It becomes our first taste of independence.

As we age, we discover faster modes of transportation. In our rush, these options seem more appropriate—faster is better. Yet, deep down, we always remember how to find our balance and appreciate things at a slower pace.

Hills come, the weather shifts and the road gets bumpy. We wonder if we’re strong enough to keep going, but we find a way to navigate the chaotic traffic and find a better path.

When we travel with the trust of others, as I did this week in South Carolina with my friend John and his peloton, we go far together, but there are times when we need to clear our minds and travel alone.

And there will always be someone faster. It’s easy to get disheartened, but when we remember it’s a ride, not a race, we regain our balance.

Today is National Ride a Bike Day.

We never forget how to ride a bike, and it reminds us, as Einstein shared, that to comfortably maintain one’s balance, one must keep pedaling. And, if I could add, it’s essential to breathe.

All across the world, the bicycle conquers the challenge of distance. It’s a connector, and if you like paved roads, thank a cyclist – they’re the ones who pushed for them. {discover more}

Unfortunately, distracted or mindless drivers are the most significant risk to those who love to pedal. I know this far too well.

To encourage mindfulness while driving as we celebrate National Bike Month, I’m giving away—yes, for free—my Put The Phone Down T-shirts.

They’re a reminder and invitation to drive and live with focused intention, and when we do, we will make life safer for everyone.

Until next week, keep pedaling.


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