Michael OBrien entering Kansas on his cross country bike ride

Open Awareness – Toto, Now We Are In Kansas – The Value of Perspective

Join Michael O’Brien on a transformative journey across America in this week’s episode of the Kintsugi podcast. From the picturesque landscapes of Astoria, Oregon, to the historical plains of Kansas, Michael shares inspiring stories and insightful reflections on resilience, perspective, and mindfulness. Dive deep into the concept of “Open Awareness” and explore how different perspectives can enrich our lives and relationships.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction to Open Awareness:
    • Michael explains the practice of open versus fixed awareness in meditation, using his cross-country cycling journey as a metaphor for opening up to life’s full spectrum of experiences.
  2. Insightful Anecdotes Across States:
    • Oregon: Emphasizing the strength in asking for help.
    • Idaho and Montana: Living fully and embracing life beyond fear.
    • Wyoming: The flexibility in life plans and expectations.
    • Colorado: The importance of a supportive community or ‘peloton’.
  3. Deep Dive into Perspective in Kansas:
    • Michael narrates compelling stories from Kansas, focusing on how rigidly holding onto perspectives can limit us, and sharing a humorous perspective on regional pizza preferences.
  4. Controversial Conversations on Roe vs. Wade:
    • A reflective discussion on the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision and its reception in different communities.
  5. Encouragement to Embrace Broad-mindedness:
    • Michael stresses the importance of being open to diverse viewpoints to foster understanding and cooperation, especially in professional and personal settings.

Key Quotes:

  • “We don’t just grab onto the good stuff and try to push away or numb or deny bad stuff. We accept that everything happens, and we meet our moments with grace, with thoughtfulness.”
  • “Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It’s actually an invitation to get closer to someone.”
  • “One of our greatest addictions is our addiction to being right.”

Call to Action: Celebrate your strengths and embrace challenges with open-mindedness. Explore life’s diverse perspectives and create ripples of positive change around you.

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