Brad Stulberg

Mastering Change with Brad Stulberg

In this enriching episode of the Kintsugi Podcast, we sit down with renowned author and performance coach Brad Stulberg to explore the perennial dance of change in our lives. Drawing insights from Brad’s extensive research and personal experiences, we delve into maintaining balance amidst life’s inevitable fluctuations.

What You Will Discover 

  • How to discern the noise from the signal in a world saturated with information. 
  • The importance of embracing mundane daily practices for long-term happiness and high performance. 
  • Insights into ‘Allostasis’ – achieving stability through change. 
  • The concept of ‘tragic optimism’ and its relevance in today’s world. 
  • The role of community in supporting personal and collective growth. 

Featured Quotes by Brad: 

  • “Chasing the next big thing, rather than embracing moderation and focusing on the fundamentals, often leads us astray.” 
  • “Stability doesn’t mean a lack of change. True stability comes from continuously adapting and integrating new experiences.” 

Connect with Brad: 

Call to Action: Embrace the small, consistent practices that Brad discusses in this episode. Reflect on how you can implement ‘tragic optimism ‘ to navigate change more effectively.

Takeaway: Brad Stulberg reminds us that mastering change doesn’t come from finding the secret formula but rather through embracing the ordinary yet consistent actions that foster resilience and growth. Join us next week for another episode of the Kintsugi Podcast, where we explore another story of connection and celebrate our golden symbols of strength.

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