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Passion Over Plastic: How Bivo is Disrupting Cycling

In this inspiring episode of the Kintsugi Podcast, host Michael O’Brien sits down with Carina Hamill and Robby Ringer, the visionary co-founders of Bivo. This couple’s journey from idea to execution illustrates their innovative approach to the cycling industry’s reliance on plastic water bottles and their commitment to enhancing environmental consciousness and sustainability. Dive into their challenges, insights, and the joy they find in connecting passions with purpose.

Key Messages: 

Challenges of Innovation: 

Carina and Robby share the unexpected complexities of designing a water bottle that is both functional and sustainable. Their journey took them 18 months instead of the anticipated six months. 

Foundation of Bivo: 

The inception of Bivo wasn’t about financial gains but stemmed from a profound passion for product design and environmental sustainability. This venture is driven by the desire to connect daily work with personal values and passions. 

Sustainability at the Forefront: 

They highlight the environmental impact of plastic in the cycling industry and how Bivo’s stainless steel water bottles offer a health-conscious and eco-friendly alternative. 

Personal Stories and Entrepreneurial Spirit: 

Robby and Carina share their initial struggles, and balancing managing a startup with family life provides a relatable and motivational narrative for aspiring entrepreneurs.

    Check Out Bivo: 

    Explore more about Bivo and its journey towards revolutionizing the water bottle industry for a healthier planet at . Check out its blog for deeper insights and stories behind its innovative products.

    The Last Mile Takeaway: Carina and Robby’s story is more than just about creating a sustainable product; it’s about reimagining everyday objects to foster better connections with our environment and each other. Their journey underlines the essence of Kintsugi: finding beauty in the reimagined.

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