Do Hard Better

Do Hard Better

A Moment to Reflect – The Ripple Effect

As I battled the cold, gusty winds on my bike ride this morning, I faced countless moments where I wished for ease—but reality had other plans. Today was going to be a challenging one. 

During my four hours out in the elements, I frequently thought about Duke’s Women’s Basketball coach, Kara Lawson, and her “Do Hard Better” pep talk from last year. Thanks to ESPN, it gained renewed attention a few days ago. Her words kept me pedaling today. 

Her insights are right on target. Life is inherently complex and challenging. 

Once we come to terms with this, our perspective on life shifts. Instead of expending energy wishing for ease, we learn to navigate difficulty more adeptly.

Indeed, there are instances when everything feels effortless, and we’re in a flow state. However, challenges remain constant as we reach new levels and travel forward, and how we respond changes everything. 

And we improve our ability to grit it out by enduring challenges that align with our objectives and finding a way forward, not by avoiding them. This is why I persisted with my ride. I knew when I did, it would change my inner chatter. 

Because as soon as you tap out, it’s the start of a success-limiting narrative and habit, and today, unlike in the past, there are myriad ways to get out of muddy moments.

Viewing life through a lens of scarcity is easy. Playing the infinite game is hard. 

Echoing the perspectives of like-minded individuals is easy. Being open-hearted to those with different-mindedness is hard. 

Directing a team with authoritative answers is easy. Employing a coaching approach and asking questions is hard.

Reacting is easy. Living mindfully is hard.

Parenting is challenging. Parenting your parents is even more so.

The essence of mastering ‘Do Hard Better’ lies in mindset, which can make you wonder why our schools and companies don’t invest more in enhancing mental resilience.

Indeed, knowledge and technical skills are essential tickets to the dance, but you need mental fortitude to do the hard thing and ask someone to dance with you. 🕺💃

By the way, under Coach Lawson’s guidance, the Blue Devils are still dancing after upsetting Ohio State, which wasn’t easy. Watch her talk by clicking HERE.

Until next week, have fun storming the castle. It’s hard to do, but I know you can Do Hard Better. 


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