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A Moment to Belong – The Ripple Effect

While driving across the country this weekend, we listened to public radio. None were having pledge drives, which reminded me that it’s been years since I did one 

It’s been nearly a decade since I started this blog with zero subscribers. Thank you for being here, whether you’ve joined recently or have been pedaling for years. 

Since you know the value of The Ripple Effect, please invite ten other like-hearted people to subscribe too. 

It’s free – an excellent price, as you know.

Anyone can subscribe by sharing their email by clicking the image at the bottom of my new website’s home page.

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I never share, rent, swap, auction, or sell email addresses from our Pause Breathe Reflect app, swag purchases, or this blog.

Since 2014, like-hearted humans like you have created a beautiful ripple in the world. I know we can continue to create positive change as our circle grows, which is why I’m asking you to share The Ripple Effect.

I’m grateful for you. You’re pretty awesome sauce. 

Until next week, have fun storming the castle!

If you celebrated Easter today, I hope it was meaningful for you and your family. 


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