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From Record Stores to Doing Less Deeply – Becoming A Brave New You with Cory Allen

This week on The Kintsugi Podcast, I sit down with Cory Allen, a multifaceted artist, musician, and author of “A Brave New You.” Cory shares his journey through the realms of music, writing, and mindfulness, revealing how these practices have shaped his life and work. From battling the pressures of artistic perfection to embracing the subtleties of mindfulness, Cory’s insights offer a refreshing perspective on creativity and personal growth.

Key Themes:

  1. The Creative Journey:
    • Cory’s early experiences with music and the pressure of artistic perfection.
    • The vulnerability of sharing creative work and the psychological impact of external feedback.
    • Transitioning from a musician to a writer and the internal narrative shifts required.
  2. Mindfulness and Meditation:
    • Cory’s 25-year journey with meditation and its influence on his central nervous system.
    • Practical approaches to mindfulness and integrating it into everyday life.
    • The current state of mindfulness and meditation in mainstream culture and corporate environments.
  3. Writing and Personal Growth:
    • The process of finding and refining one’s voice through consistent practice.
    • The role of social media in shaping Cory’s writing career and the impact of viral content.
    • Cory’s strategic approach to analyzing audience engagement and adapting his writing style.
  4. Personal Stories and Connections:
    • Cory’s humorous and insightful encounter with Waylon Jennings.
    • Meeting his wife and the influence of anti-authoritarian perspectives on his life.

Key Quotes:

  1. “The second you share your work with anyone, it becomes vulnerable, and you see new areas for editing and refining.”
  2. “Mindfulness is not just about mental health; it’s about creating space and being thoughtful in how we live.”
  3. “Do less, but do it deeply. Focus on what truly nourishes you and cultivate awareness around it.”
  4. “The real bravery is listening to that inner voice and following it through, despite external pressures.”

Resources Mentioned:

  • Cory Allen’s book A Brave New You is available at Powell’sBook People in Austin, and other Indie bookstores. You can also find it at that huge one you already know about. 
  • Cory Allen’s Instagram: @heyCoryAllen
  • Michael O’Brien’s app: Pause, Breathe, Reflect
  • Podcast: Do Less, But Do It Deeply by Cory Allen

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