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A Moment to Pause – The Ripple Effect

During a leadership development trip to Mt. Fuji in Japan, I discovered the Japanese practice of Misogi, a mind-body cleansing ritual involving cold-waterfall immersion before cold plunging was trendy. 

This experience inspired me to undertake an annual Misogi challenge around the anniversary of my accident each year to celebrate life and stretch my mind, body, and spirit beyond my comfort zone. 

Misogi, made more popular today by Sara Blakely’s (Founder of SPANX) husband, Jesse Itzler, is a powerful reminder that we can do hard things. My approach to them is adaptable – some are brief, while others, like our cycling trip across America, spanned several weeks, and they all influence how I show up for the rest of the year. 

Each one makes me nervous at first. I have doubts and feel like an imposter, which is how I feel as I prepare for this year’s challenge. While discussing it with my coach, who inquired about my expectations, I half-jokingly replied, “Not to die.” 

At its core, Misogi is about transformation—letting go of dated perspectives for more abundant ones. This concept, which can be any activity that helps you break free from the inertia of the status quo, is not unique to Japanese culture; for instance, Finland has a similar concept known as Sisu. 

Far too often, we don’t recognize our full potential and settle for the familiar confines of the status quo or limited beliefs. Living within the bounds of the status quo is an easy trap to fall into. It’s comfortable and familiar, but it’s deceptive because, over time, it leads to regression and regrets.

I believe, wait, scratch that. I know that there’s a Misogi in each of us. We are amazing creatures. When you take a step back, we are awe-inspiring. Yes, we are complicated and often make crazy decisions, but that doesn’t detract from the opportunities embedded in us all. 

So, don’t wait until you’re ready; take a deep breath and do something challenging this year. Pick something and test your fabulous self because you’ll never see your full potential unless you’re willing to pull back the blanket that makes “this is the way it’s always been” so cozy. 

Your Misogi could be our next virtual silent retreat on April 6th. We started 2024 with a 1/2 day retreat; we will extend it a little longer in April as we work towards a full day or longer this year. The feedback from our first one was fantastic. One person lowered her blood pressure by over thirty points during it – amazing! 

So how ’bout it? Join us for an experience that will change how you will show up for the rest of the year. You can click on the link below to save your spot. 

Until next week, have fun storming the castle! 


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